Launching April 2018


Further Questions

  • Conference Platform, the Secure Collaboration Platform

    We pride ourselves on offering a secure collaboration platform;
    To ensure confidentiality, both you and your business are protected on several levels. End users have individual logins and can lock meetings to prevent unwanted access. Any communication that takes place does so via HTTPS, ensuring end-to-end protection and integrity. Admin authentication provides a further level of security, partitioning information and access amongst users.
    To guarantee uptime our CoLo facilities have state-of-the-art firewalls and DDoS mitigation built in, and we employ scaling and redundancy techniques to ensure the service remains up and unaffected.
  • How do I change my branding?

    Your meeting console branding can be changed from within the dashboard. Select the ‘Branding’ tab, then ‘Change logo’ to import an image. Click ‘Update’ to execute the change. You can even change the background colour of the console to fit a certain look.
  • Is there anything I can download to make scheduling and running meetings more effective?

    Screen Share Extension:

    Desktop users joining meetings via Chrome who wish to also share their screen are required to download an extension for the browser. Users without this extension will still be able to participate in audio/video conferences from the browser and be able to view a shared screen.

    Outlook Add-in:

    Users of Microsoft Outlook can install an Add-in that places a button within the Appointment window, making scheduling meetings quick and easy. Once downloaded, restart Microsoft Outlook and during the one time set up, enter your meeting number. When scheduling an online meeting go into the calendar, open an appointment and click the ‘ConferencePlatform’ button to populate the appointment with joining instructions. Once complete add your attendees and send as usual.