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How to Record a Video Call

  • How to Record a Video Call

    Once in your Conference Platform meeting, click the record button to start capturing audio, video and any shared desktop within the meeting.
  • How do I access recordings?

    To access your recordings, please login to the dashboard and select the ‘Recording’ tab. Recordings are available for 7 days, with up to 10 available at one time.
    how to record a video call and where you go to stream and download the recording using ConferencePlatform Recordings can be downloaded or streamed from the dashboard.
  • Why is the start of my recording lower resolution?

    A recording counts as another distinct connection from the server. Therefore, for best performance you should allow several seconds for the connection to be established.
    If you have further questions regarding how to record a video call please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..