Launching April 2018


How to Make a Conference Call

  • Accounts can be purchased directly, via an Enterprise Agreement provided by our This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or through an accredited reseller.
  • How to make a conference call; either navigate to your profile page and click Start Conference or enter your meeting link into your browser’s address bar. Your meeting link is also found on your profile page and in your welcome email. Other participants can also use this link, or your unique meeting number, to join a conference call. start conference
  • If you have misplaced your welcome email, you can request to have it resent below (input email and click ‘Resend’):
  • Once you’ve entered the link, or selected to start the call, the platform will prompt you for your name, and will show you the video and audio input options that are to make a conference call and get your peripherals working with ConferencePlatform
  • You will also be prompted to choose how you wish to connect to the meeting; with voice and video, voice only, or as a listener only. The platform will also recommend voice only if it detects you have limited bandwidth. Once in the meeting, you can use the meeting controls to start, stop and record your video and audio feed, invite attendees who are missing and share your desktop. You and your users can also connect to the meeting by dialling in over the phone or connecting using a video conferencing unit. conference call setup and what to click to share voice, video or audio only when joining a ConferencePlatform meeting

Your Meeting Link and Number

  • Your meeting number consists of the last 6 digits of your meeting link. For example: Meeting Link
  • Both can be found on your profile page.

Conference Call Setup

  • The easiest way to schedule a conference call is to download our plugin. After following the installation instructions on-screen, and restarting Outlook, you’ll be prompted for your meeting number when next creating an Outlook appointment. Once completed, a ’ConferencePlatform’ button will appear in the menu bar of any new appointment. Clicking this button will populate the appointment with your meeting information.
  • screenshot of the ConferencePlatform Outlook plugin for scheduling meetings