Launching April 2018

Advantages of Video Conferencing

  • Boost productivity - Allow users to attend meetings in quicker succession

  • Save money - Reduce travel time and expenditure

  • Improve communication - Converse more effectively while sharing video and/or a document

  • Improve flexibility - Easily meet with people remotely, from anywhere, at any time

  • Reduce carbon emissions - Aid corporate social responsibility

advantages of video conferencing and ConferencePlatform service features

ConferencePlatform Features

  • Unmetered Telephone / Video Conferencing with Desktop Share
  • No Minimum Term, Committed Contracts or Hidden Extras
  • Join Meetings From Any Device Without Downloads
  • Join Meetings From Video Conferencing Units at No Extra Cost
  • Outlook Integration, Recording and Streaming Included
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Effortless Conference Calling

The main ConferencePlatform interface, with a remote user conference calling with five others in a business meeting
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  • Simple and effective collaboration regardless of endpoint or device
  • Instant connectivity without the need for reservations
  • Easy implementation in restrictive environments, with no requirement to open inbound ports or install additional software
  • Dynamic detection of end user hardware, bridging desktop, mobile and video conferencing units
  • Inclusive international conference calling numbers and support for standards based video conferencing devices
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Reliable Virtual Meetings

a conference bridge server that is fully integrated with ConferencePlatform to incorporate video and desktop share
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  • Bandwidth effective content delivery network supporting limited and geographically remote connections
  • HD video and high-quality audio at low latency, enabled via WebRTC
  • Secure cloud-based recording and backup
  • Financially backed SLA for enterprise customers
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Cost Effective Conference Bridge

Two people discussing the cost advantages of video conferencing
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  • Flexible agreements that discount automatically and scale with your business
  • No additional cost for dial-in conference bridge
  • No committed contracts or minimum commitments
  • Service backed by an independent and customer focused organisation
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Bespoke Console

The conference bridge interface branded with a custom logo and background colour for a specific client
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  • Branding service with customisable look and feel
  • Kit consultancy, matching best-of-breed audio and visual peripherals to business requirements
  • Collective purchasing, lowering per unit cost